Summer and Fall in Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico

‚ÄčIt's Cooler in the Mountains

Beat the heat at 9,300 feet with summer in Taos Ski Valley; it's a breath of fresh air...literally. With its diverse range of great outdoor summer activities, a vacation here can provide you a new lease on life. The valley and village are alive with music performances, educational programs and outdoor activities including hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and fishing. Have lunch on the deck of The Bavarian, ride the scenic chair lift up the mountain, or head off for white water adventure!

Summer/Fall Activities

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Pueblo Balloons Taos, NM
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The Blake at Taos Ski Valley
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Gearing Up Bicycle Shop
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Taos Ski Valley 10k Up & Over Trail Run
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White Water Rafting New Mexico
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Gutters Bowling Alley in Taos
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Rock Climbing Taos New Mexico
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