Pack Your Bags

We're Going to Taos Ski Valley!

So you're coming to Taos Ski Valley and you've asked yourself "What do I need to pack?" Whether you'll be skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling there are the obvious, must have garments you'll be sure to put in your bag, but there a few items you might forget at home. So take notes, it's time to...
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Learning to Ski in Taos

You don't have to be an expert to ski Taos

I grew up in Texas.  My family visited the mountains in summer, but never in winter.  The most snow I ever saw was about a quarter inch accumulation until I was living in Santa Fe in my early 20’s.  I tried to learn to ski around that time, but I had bad experiences.  I never...
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The Wilderness is Calling

"There are no words that can tell the hidden spirit of the wilderness, that can reveal its mystery, its melancholy, and its charm". – U.S. President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, Jr.

Teddy Roosevelt wasn’t the only U.S. President with a fondness for the slopes; President Gerald Ford spent many a vacation sliding downhill on skis and even owned a chalet in Colorado. This Presidents’ Day Weekend (Feb. 17–19), continue their outdoor legacies by taking in the mystery of the Sangre...
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The Call of the Mountains ~ From First Chair to New Friendships

~the connection

What was it that first sparked your attraction to skiing? For many of us it was the same thing ~ the desire to be outside, in the mountains, surrounded by nature. Breathing the clean, crisp air early in the morning as the lifts start spinning, watching the sun rise above the ridge to the east. We...
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Everlasting Love

~falling for Taos Ski Valley all over again

Do you remember the first time you clipped into a pair of skis or snowboard? Were you more exhilarated than terrified? Did you know then that sliding downhill would be your greatest and longest love?

I didn’t realize it until I pulled into ...
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Stay Over in Taos Ski Valley Après Wine Tasting

Wine Fest Kicks Off Feb. 2nd in Taos Ski Valley

Good news for lovers of the crushed and fermented grape!

Taos Ski Valley lodges and The Blake  still have rooms available during this week’s 2018 Taos Winter Wine Festival’s slopeside...
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Taos Ski Valley - Attitude of Gratitude

Taos Has Plenty of Snow!

In a ski town we often hear the words “epic conditions” in conversations on the chairlift, in the lodges and during aprés as the day winds down.  It’s no secret that 2017-18 has been a dry Winter in New Mexico, yet the attitude at Taos has been of gratitude in the great SNOW we do have. When...
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