Town of Taos Condos & Vacation Rentals

​Homes & Condos with a Personal Touch

Reserve your vacation home with the perfect sunset views of the mesa or the alpenglow over Taos Mountain. Each residence has its own unique view of the exquisite light above our adobe town, and a wide range of additional amenities. Renting a home away from home for your vacation is a great way to live more like a local while you explore the mountains and mesas that surround the Taos area.

Condos & Vacation Rentals

Taos Lodging Burch Street Casitas
575-737-9038$-$$Click Here
Vaulted log cabin with sheepskin blankets draping overstuffed couches
575-205-5383$$-$$$$Click Here
TurnKey Vacation Rentals
888-512-0498$-$$$$Click Here
575-776-8833$$-$$$Click Here
M Vacation Properties and Resorts Taos
575-754-2359Click Here
Casa Carmen vacation rental in Arroyo Seco, NM
575-770-0393$$-$$Click Here