​Play in the Mountains of Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico

​Fun and Adventure in Summer and Winter

In summer you can ride the high country on horseback, summit Wheeler Peak, New Mexico's highest mountain, or power up a single track. In winter, follow the weather and catch the perfect powder to epic terrain or grab a bite at one of the many restaurants in Taos Ski Valley and enjoy the afternoon sunshine. Year-round you can cast your line into the river and experience world class fly fishing or ascend into the sky on a hot air balloon ride. With so much to do in Taos Ski Valley you can be sure to find adventure for everyone.

For the safety of our guests, all activity capacities are subject to change per the Policies and Practices for the prevention and control of COVID-19 in New Mexico.

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Skiers outside the Whistlestop Cafe
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Mountain Skills Guided Backcountry Ski Tours
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medley.  Dinner and drinks in Taos, NM
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Cafe Naranja Breakfast in Taos Ski Valley
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White Water Rafting New Mexico
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Common Fire Restaurant Taos
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Arroyo Seco Live
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The Glass Haus Pizza
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Edelweiss Spa Massage
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Rio Grande Stables Horseback Rides
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Sabroso Restaurant Arroyo Seco
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Red Rossingal e-bike
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Rock Climbing Taos New Mexico
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View from chairlift of Tenderfoot Katie's Restaurant
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Family owned ski shop in Taos
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Medical Massage at Mogul Medical
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Millicent Rogers Museum Taos
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Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa
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Taos Ski Valley Youth Lessons
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Mandelman Ribak Gallery
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Taos Pueblo homes
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Taos High Altitude Team Running Camp
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Andean Software Taos shopping
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Bowl of salsa and chips with lime and a beer
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Fall Color at The Bavarian in Taos Ski Valley
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Taos Pizza Pizanos
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Ski gear rental shop in the snow in Taos
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Outdoor gear and gift shopping in Taos Ski Valley
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Gutters Bowling Alley in Taos
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Flambe dessert arrives at table of diners
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People dressed as doctors perform surgery on a ski boot
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Taos Winter Wine Festival
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Taos Ski Valley 10k Up & Over Trail Run
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A beverage cooler full of beer
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Beautifully plated flan with whipped cream
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Disc Golf in Taos Ski Valley
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Crowd on patio at Taos ski resort
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Taos MTB Green Chili Flow Trail
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