Your Mountain Getaway

Year-round, the Village of Taos Ski Valley delivers renewal for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds.

The Taos Ski Valley Story

The area’s early ski pioneers, residents, and employees blended their love of skiing with the local Native American and Spanish cultures to craft a mountain retreat out of an old mining town. Over the years, Taos Ski Valley became world-renowned for steep runs of powdery, dry snow in the winter and stunning forest surroundings in the spring and summer. With unprecedented access courtesy of Taos Air, visitors from Texas and California can fly directly to the Taos airport, instead of flying into Santa Fe or Albuquerque. 

Fun Facts

  • In the 1800's Taos Ski Valley was a small copper mining town called Twining.
  • Ernie and Rhoda Blake moved to Taos Ski Valley in 1955, after Ernie spotted the location from his Cessna 170 while scouting a place to open his own ski resort.
  • The Blake family lived in a small camper at the base area while work started on the now world-class ski resort.
  • There are 300 inches of average annual snowfall, 300 days of sunshine and more than 1,200 skiable acres.
  • Taos Ski Valley is the industry’s only B Corp Certified ski resort.
  • In 2008, Taos Ski Valley opened its doors to snowboarding for the first time in its history.
  • Lift #4 in the Kachina basin of SkiTaos serves the highest elevation of any triple chair on the North American continent.

Meet our neighbor, the historic Town of Taos

Beginning at the turn of the 20th century artists from the eastern US began flocking to Taos for its rich culture, history, artistic traditions and natural beauty. Taos is a place of piercing light and spectacular views, where the desert palette changes hourly as the sun moves across the sky and over the simple but comfortable and natural adobe homes. Nearby river canyons, mesas and vast open spaces offer endless vacation opportunities.

Climate Taos Ski Valley, NM United States

Rainfall (average per yr.) - 12.3 inches
Snowfall (average per yr.) - 300 inches
Precipitation Days - 70 (includes rain & snow)
Sunny Days - 285 
Average July High - 76 degrees (F)
Average Jan. Low - 4.2 degrees (F)
UV Index 5.9 
Elevation - 9,207 feet 

Average Annual Snowfall

• Town of Taos—35 inches
• Taos Ski Valley—300 inches
• Angel Fire—140 inches