Taos Ski Valley - Your Mountain Getaway

Modern Facilities, Pioneer Spirit

The Village of Taos Ski Valley is located at the southern end of the Rocky Mountains in the rugged Sangre de Cristo Mountains, 18 miles northeast of the Town of Taos. Originally settled by a group of hearty and adventurous miners in the 1800’s, the community is now inhabited year-round by intrepid skiers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Taos Ski Valley Story

The ski area exists because of the imagination and hard work of a remarkable Swiss-German named Ernie Blake, his wife Rhoda and friends. A passionate skier, Blake dreamed for years of building a ski area, and launched Taos Ski Valley in 1955 on a shoestring budget. The European atmosphere and architecture of Taos Ski Valley is due to the ski area’s pioneers—a mix of German, French, Austrian and Swiss residents and employees—combined with the local Native American and Spanish cultures.  With new ownership in 2014, the Taos Ski Valley Resort embarked on an exciting phase of development. This included building a chair lift up Kachina Peak that tops out at 12,450 feet, the opening of the Blake Hotel in February 2017, plus new runs, glades, restaurants and shops! 

Old World ambiance seasoned with Native American and Spanish spice gives our valley its unique flavor. We resemble a European ski village but our core is pure New Mexican—all smiles and sunshine. Be prepared to be welcomed warmly and treated royally. From unique dining and shopping experiences, to novel adventures and uncommon culture, absorb the connection to the mountains and join our family in Taos Ski Valley. You'll feel like family in this wonderful village of outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers! 

Meet our neighbor, the historic Town of Taos

Located just 18 miles from the world-renowned slopes of Taos Ski Valley is the artful, historic and colorful Town of Taos. Taos has long been a haven for artists. Beginning at the turn of the 20th century artists from the eastern US began flocking to Taos for its rich culture, history, artistic traditions and natural beauty. The Taos Society of Artists was founded in 1915 and began the modern legacy of the arts in Taos. There are over 30 galleries and 3 museums in a town with a mere population of 5,700 people.

Taos casts a lingering spell. Set on a rolling mesa at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, it's a place of piercing light and spectacular views, where the desert palette changes hourly as the sun moves across the sky and over the simple but comfortable and natural adobe homes. It also is the homeland of Taos Pueblo (a World Heritage site), Spanish Colonial/Hispanic settlers and intrepid Anglo immigrants, whose combined histories and lifeways has produced a hybrid culture unlike any on Earth. Nearby river canyons, mesas and vast open spaces offer endless recreational opportunities. 

History is not a dry, musty subject in Taos; it is alive and living all around us. Drop by the home of Kit Carson or artists like E.L Blumenschein, visit the 18th century Hacienda de los Martinez or 1,000-year-old Taos Pueblo. 

Fun Facts

In the 1800's Taos Ski Valley was a small copper mining town called Twining.
The population density as of 2010 was 28.75 inhabitants per square mile.
From 1955-1957, the only ski run in Taos Ski Valley was Snakedance.
The Kachina lift serves the highest elevation of any triple chair on the North American continent.


Town of Taos - 6,967 feet
Taos Ski Valley - 9,207 feet (base) to 12,481 feet (Kachina Peak)
Village of Taos Ski Valley - 9,207 feet to 12,610 feet
Wheeler Peak (highest point in New Mexico) - 13,161 feet


Taos County has a semi-arid, continental climate. Taos Ski Valley gets an average of 12.3 inches of rain per year. The average U.S. rainfall is 37 inches per year. It receives, on average, 300 inches of snow per year but has been slowly declining in recent years. On average, there are about 285 sunny days per year in Taos Ski Valley. The July average high is 76°F. The January average low is 4°F, with an average high of 25.2°F. Our comfort index, which is based on humidity during the hot months, is a 69 out of 100, where higher is more comfortable. The U.S. average on the comfort index is 44.

Average Annual Snowfall

• Town of Taos—35 inches
• Taos Ski Valley—300 inches
• Angel Fire—140 inches

Climate Taos Ski Valley, NM United States

Rainfall (average per yr.) - 12.3 inches
Snowfall (average per yr.) - 300 inches
Precipitation Days - 70 (includes rain & snow)
Sunny Days - 285 
Average July High - 76 degrees (F)
Average Jan. Low - 4.2 degrees (F)
Comfort Index (higher=better) 69 
UV Index 5.9 
Elevation - 9,207 feet 

Average Totals 64 30 12.09