Taos Folk Town of Taos 10-19 miles away
Taos Folk is THE Famous Taos Pop-Up Store, providing affordable gifts by Taos hands. Open from end of November through Christmas eve in the Historic Stables Gallery in Taos. The magnificent hand-crafted work of artists and authors, many of whom show only once a year at Taos Folk. Colorful pottery, soft woven knitted and tie-dyed wearables, tableware, hand forged knives and fireplace pokers, silver, gold and copper jewelry, whimsical childrens and adult aprons and beeswax candles in shapes extraordinaire!

Taos Folk in Taos Ski Valley pops up for ten marvelous, snowy days after the Taos Folk in Taos popped down. Open in Taos Ski Valley from December 26th to January 5th.


  • Famous Taos POP-UP store
  • Affordable gifts by Taos hands
  • Taos location open the day after Thanksgiving to Dec. 24
  • Taos Ski Valley location open Dec. 26 to Jan. 5
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