Tailored Stay Taos Ski Valley 0-1 mile
Tailored Stay provides next-level service to vacation renters and property managers to ensure destinations are customized with the customer’s needs before they arrive. By partnering with local retailers and service professionals, Tailored Stay acquires, supplies, and arranges the products and services on the customer’s behalf. Our Tailors offer a more relaxing experience for vacationers while allowing property managers to offer a unique experience to their guests.

Tailored Stay is a growing enterprise comprised of diverse professionals operating out of New Mexico, Wisconsin and Texas. What binds us together is our love of travel and maximizing the experience of vacationing at a rental properties. We believe that essentials like groceries and home products should be a commodity of convenience. By taking the stress out of where to find coffee, not having to pack a large bottle of sunscreen or diaper our mission is to empower travelers to focus on what their vacation is really about.  Immersive experiences, shared connections with loved ones and time for adventure are just a few of the things we hope you’ll have more time to do.

Tailored Stay – You’ve Arrived!™.


  • Pre-arrival grocery delivery
  • Offering organic options
  • Custom celebration set-ups
  • Romance packages
  • Meal planning guides
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