Horseback Riding - Taos Ski Valley Wilderness Adventures Taos Ski Valley 0-1 mile P.O. Box 2
Taos Ski Valley, NM 87525
$ - $$

For over 30 years Big Al has been taking visitors to heights they may never have been to before. Beginners or experienced riders, Big Al doesn't mind because he makes certain you are secure in your horseback riding skills and matched to the right horse for your skill level. When asked why he chose to stay in the mountains and teach tourists how to ride horses his answer was very poetic, in a cowboy sort of way. Big Al simply stated "Pretty horses on a pretty day with pretty people in a pretty place earning a pretty nickel, well that's a pretty good way of life!"


  • 3 Hour Adventure
  • 2 Hour Ride
  • 2 Hour Ride w/Dinner
  • Ride + Overnight Campout
  • Chuck Wagon Dinners
  • All Experience Levels
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P.O. Box 2
87525 Taos Ski Valley , NM 36° 35' 51.486" N, 105° 27' 16.65" W
New Mexico US