Women's Snowsports Week

Taos Ski Valley
Sunday, February 11th-Friday, February 16th

The Taos Snowpsorts Week is the only full week program available in North America. The Snowsports School offers Snowsports Weeks that meet for six consecutive mornings, Sunday through Saturday.  Snowsports Week devotees swear by the annual pilgrimage to inspire their skiing and riding, renew their spirits and create long-time friendships. With an emphasis on sharing fun and creating excitement, innovative technique and tactics include video analysis and technical discussions of modern skiing and biomechanics. You won’t believe how well you’ll ski and ride at the end of your week.  

For women taught by women skiers and riders that are looking to learn, up your skills or to explore the mountains, bumps, bowls, trees and chutes. Your skills will be advanced using technique, equipment and biodynamics specified to women.

Women's Snowsports Week is comprised of 6 consecutive 2 hour morning sessions. 
Program assembles at 9:45 AM on Sunday, February 11th.  The Snowsports Week is available online, by central reservations (800.776.1111) or in the Snowsports Sales Office.