Nicho Folk Art 2-Day Workshop

El Monte Sagrado, Taos
The “nicho,” or niche, is a folk art form that has countless styles and uses. Sometimes they are like mini-dioramas, with 3-dimensional figures and miniature furnishings, usually arranged on a little shelf (called a “repiso”) as a symbolic offering. They can range in subject from children’s toys, to playful kitchen saints to objects of meditation and serious spiritual practice.

A nicho is always a special space, however small, a locus of power and attention, a little world to itself with its own story. The subject might be Our Lady of Guadalupe presiding over a doorway, or one of the popular kitchen saints like San Pascual with little dishes of food, or San Martin de Porras with one of the dogs he fed in his kitchen.

Includes materials to design, construct and paint 3-dimensional kitchen and devotional altars. You will have an option of 3 themes – the popular kitchen saint San Pascual, San Martin de Porras known for his protection of animals, or Our Lady of Guadalupe.

This two day workshop will include a visit to village of Chimayo.
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