Live Art & Reception with Lynette Haozous

Rhoda's Restaurant, Taos Ski Valley
Live Art & Reception with Lynnette Haozous at Rhoda's Restaurant as Farahnheight Fine Art Taos Ski Valley - First Friday of February; Friday the 2nd from 1pm-5pm 2018.

Rhoda's Restaurant and Farahnheight Fine Art Taos Ski Valley are thrilled to present the artworks of Lynnette Haozous. The feature paintings by Lynnette exhibits bold and vibrant traditional patterns, incorporating eclectic color schemes, and strong portraits of resilient, indigenous women. The artist expression exemplifies the contemporary style of the indigenous female artistic expression.

About the Artist:

Lynnette Haozous
(Chiricahua Apache/Taos Pueblo/ Dine)
Growing up locally at Taos Pueblo, and around all of her tribes has influenced Haozous's artwork. Haozous's paintings have reflected the modern indigenous feminine perspective and experience. Haozous blends acrylics & aerosol, creating images of resilient Indigenous women, mixed with traditional designs, in a contemporary style to convey the Indigenous journey. Haozous recieved the 2012 Nativo Lodge/SWAIA Artist In Residency, the 2017 Nativo Artist Room Residency, and her mural works can be seen at Hotel Chaco and FaraHNHeight Fine Art Gallery in Taos.