Journey Within A 3 Day Taos Glamping Adventure

El Monte Sagrado, Town of Taos
October 5-7th 

Taos | Far Away from the Everyday

Get your glamp on in Taos and immerse yourself in Taos’ grandeur! Experience the glorious and majestic Sangre de Cristo mountain rimmed horizon with a high elevation air and sky that makes it seem like you can touch the stars. Fill your senses with fragrant sagebrush after a summer monsoon and watch for rainbows arching across the sky. Scour the dark night sky for meteor streaks and take in a star filled expanse of the Milky Way. All while glamping this rugged landscape in an all-inclusively equipped and thoughtfully prepared tour that anticipates your comfort and enjoyment.
Your intention will be to receive, slow down, be inspired, and nurture yourself while exploring Taos’ wild environments.

This is your journey to CONNECT to the earth, water and sky. To focus on your breath and deeply BREATHE in the clean fresh air, while doing outdoor yoga. To ENERGIZE on the hiking trails that meet at the merger of the mystical Sangre de Cristos, the Rio Grande Valley and New Mexico’s Colorado Plateau. To INDULGE in the organic yet lavish elements of farm to table crafted meals and luxurious glamping tents.

Plus, one thing about our Chaco Canyon Glamping tour that amazes all of our guests, is the astoundingly crisp clear non-light polluted sky. As artificial light increasingly lessons our ability to commune with the Milky Way and our glowing star-filled Earthly ceiling, most of us have lost an important astronomical connection. Thus, we had the dazzling idea to incorporate undiminished star viewing, with possible flashes of meteor brilliance, by scheduling all of our Taos Glamping tours with the new moon.

CONNECT | BREATHE | ENERGIZE | INDULGE in our immersive Taos glamping experience
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