Lucky 13!

Taos Ski Valley’s 2018 Up & Over Trail Run Is a Teenager

There’s nothing unfortunate about the 13th annual “Up & Over” 10K Trail Run (Saturday, Aug. 4, 9 a.m.–12 p.m.) at Taos Ski Valley.
  In fact, we’re calling it “Lucky 13” as some lucky runners who ...
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Fewer Trees = A Win-Win for Fire Safety & Water Conservation

Taos Ski Valley Tree Thinning Underway

Despite the recent reopening of Carson National Forest—thanks to the start of Monsoon Season—the need to reduce fire hazards in Taos Ski Valley while simultaneously building up the valley’s water supply remains.

That is why a group of experts—led...
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Our Mountain Our Weather

Changes in our climate & our outlook

We all know the mountains as a place to go to cool down during the hot summers.  The Sangre de Cristo Mountains are a unique range among the Rocky Mountain states, a narrow band of ridges and 13,000' peaks running north-south from Colorado to Santa Fe.  To the west of the Sangres is a...
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The Three Best Trail to Pub Pairings in Taos

What's better after an invigorating hike in the mountains than refueling with a delicious meal and cold beer or margarita?  We've paired some of our favorite hikes and mountain bike rides with an excellent nearby pub that make for a stellar day in the Taos mountains.


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Taos Ski the Summer!

When you can’t take the heat, head for the hills. During the summer months, Taos Ski Valley hosts a variety of fun-filled events; a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts and art lovers alike. Go for the...
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