Springtime River Rafting

Catch the Best Water in the Early Season

The Rio Grande, the river that snakes through the bottom of the Rio Grande Gorge, offers thrill seekers the chance to ride the watercourse throughout the spring and summer – and if the snow melt is significant, sometimes into the fall.

It’s easy to be fascinated by the Rio...
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A Ski Season Like No Other

This Season, Mask Up!

Upon approaching NM-150, the road to Taos Ski Valley, a large traffic sign reminds us to wear a mask and practice Covid safe protocols. Welcome to skiing in 2020-21. There are no clusters of skiers and snowboarders waiting for the bus at KTAO because there is no public transportation up to the...
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In the Plaza, You Are Worlds Away!

Spend a Day in Our Village

When all of the snow is long gone and the warm days stretch gloriously until sundown, Taos Ski Valley transforms into a summer adventure paradise. At 9,321 feet, you’ll find the heart of the Valley at the base area of the mountain - The Resort Plaza.

Upon entering Taos Ski Valley,...
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Hike, Virtually

Follow along the Gavilan Trail

Hiking Gavilan Trail is a richly rewarding walk in the woods. Lace-up some sturdy shoes, bring an extra layer of clothes, and plenty of water – you're in for 1,000+ foot elevation gains per mile and stunning views. Gavilan translates to Sparrowhawk (aka...
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Outdoor is Everything This Summer

Don't Hide, Get Outside!

As the aspen leaves emerged and turned bright emerald, Taos Ski Valley businesses were busy implementing Covid-19 safety measures throughout the Village in preparation for reopening. Our lodging, restaurant, and retail members are opening for summer guests...
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