Thanksgiving Day Check List

Taos Ski Valley Style

Too busy to think about what you need to bring with you for Taos Ski Valley’s 2019/2020 Opening Day (a.k.a., Thanksgiving Day in other parts of the U.S.)?

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. (That includes offering a slew of  “Hot Deals”—such as pre-season lodging —if you’re still in the planning process for Thanksgiving or other upcoming holidays.)


  A Smile. (It’s the first day of the sliding/schussing/hucking-off-of-cliffs season; what’s not to love? Although, you’ll need to save the cliff-hucking and chutes for later in the season. Sorry.)

√ Arnica Montana, Ibuprofen , or some other type of ache-slayer including—perhaps—your dialing finger. (You know, to call to set up a massage at one of our village spas? Your quads, glutes, and more will thank you.)

Whatever you’ll be using to slide downhill. (It might not be a bad idea to get your equipment tuned unless you did so at the end of last season. There are a number of ski valley tuning shops—Alpine XtremeLe Ski Mastery and others—so no worries about waiting until you get here.)

Poles. (If you’re a skier, unless you want to usher in a new trend as a boarder. <Ahem>)

Boots. (Enough said? Although... you could make your soles—or soul—even happier by getting custom insoles at BootDoctors.)

Gloves, Goggles & Hats. (Again, need we say more? We can. And you could upgrade some of these at Cottam’s Ski Shop. Just a thought!)

√ Ski/Board Pants. (You could go pant-less… but think of the icy chairlift seat.)

√ Layering Options. (It might be that you’re skiing in a light fleece when suddenly the wind picks up and—BRR— where’s your parka? Just go ahead and bring everything. And don’t worry. If you forget something, our ski shops have a great selection.)  

√ Sunblock & Sunglasses. (We have 260+ sunny days/year in Taos. Yep. It’s terrible. Just awful.)

√ Après Ski Wear. (a.k.a., your ski/board pants & parka… or maybe, just maybe, jeans and a sweater so that you’re cozy sitting next to a crackling fire during happy hour .)

An appetite! (Many of our Taos Ski Valley restaurants will be serving Thanksgiving Dinner specials including The Austing Haus, The Bavarian, and The Blonde Bear Tavern; just downhill you’ll find some sumptuous Turkey Day spreads at El Monte Sagrado’s De La Tierra restaurant, the Sagebrush Grill, Doc Martin's at the Historic Taos Inn, and elsewhere.)

√ Your sense of adventure! (Because you never know how much fun you’ll have getting your "snow legs" back  or who you’ll run into—hopefully only figuratively—on the slopes or while dancing your glutes off to live music while sipping one of the town’s best margaritas.)

Wishing everyone a joyful, meaningful, and safe Thanksgiving and Opening Day!


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