Taos Valley, Alpine Culture, And Your Wellness

Just like every climate on earth, the historically tough nature of Taos Valley and its surrounds generated a particular and special culture. From the 13th and 14th century, Native Americans settled in the peaks and the flatlands. At the bottom of the valley, you can experience the culture of UNESCO listed Taos Pueblo. In fact, the whole mountain is considered sacred to many religions, including Catholicism, and is often referred to as Monte Sagrado, the sacred mountain.

The spirituality and culture that the Spanish settlers brought to the region and the Euro-New Mexican influences exhibited in Taos Ski Valley is something you can take on yourself as you glide over our European-style ski runs, climb our rugged Alpine-esque cliffs, dine in our various restaurants, or visit the local Spanish influenced churches. Your trip into the wilderness could tie in with a new understanding of spirituality, and the physical and mental wellness that it brings.

Skiing, peaks, culture and your health

When you visit Taos Ski Valley and embark on a trip full of skiing, snowboarding and more, you’ll be doing your mental and physical health a wonderful favor. According to the University of New Hampshire, skiing is a mental and physical workout. The physical action of skiing provides a full body resistance workout; lesser known is the benefit it can bring to feelings of anxiety and mental wellbeing. When you’re in the valley, though, take time to consider nature around you and indeed religions that have gone before. Spirituality is linked to overall health as well, and building spirituality can be as simple as regularly enjoying your surroundings.

Alpine spiritual traditions the world over

There is plenty of inspiration to be found from cold-climate cultures across the rest of the world, of course. Europe’s Alps have a long and storied history of spiritualism built through the tough climate, with even summer bringing freezing temperatures and pack snow.

In the early 1950's, a Swiss-German man named Ernie Blake brought his family to northern New Mexico and discovered a valley in the mountains where the snow was light and deep and offered up a place where he could build his dream of an Alpine inspired ski resort. To this day, Taos Ski Valley continues to honor Ernie Blake's dream in these sacred mountains.

The nature of snow, wind and biting temperatures generates hardy generations of people with a deep sense of trust in the gods and natural forces guiding them. In the 21st century, skepticism can be put aside and your own sense of spirituality found, to the overall benefit of your actual, tangible health.