Taos Ski Valley - Attitude of Gratitude

Taos Has Plenty of Snow!

In a ski town we often hear the words “epic conditions” in conversations on the chairlift, in the lodges and during aprés as the day winds down.  It’s no secret that 2017-18 has been a dry Winter in New Mexico, yet the attitude at Taos has been of gratitude in the great SNOW we do have. When walking around the village, there is an ever-present buzz about; people are hanging out around the fire, drinking hot cocoa, laughing and smiling with their friends.  Chairlifts are full of skiers and riders, we see yellow ski school jackets leading classes around the mountain.  Locals are talking about how awesome the skiing is ~ but, I thought there wasn’t any snow?  What’s going on?

After spending a sunny December afternoon in Taos Ski Valley everything became clear, the people here, the locals who reside in the village or in Taos and commute daily, and the folks who come here to ski all have a common, and dedicated sense of appreciation for being here ~ surrounded by the magic of the mountains, the trees and forests, cool air and flowing streams. Skiing is usually all about snow, deep blower powder or fast and smooth groomers.  It’s usually one or the other with as many pow days as not, this year has lacked deep snow although storms have been coming through weekly and keeping the temps cool and snow surface fresh.

Taking advantage of the reliable weather patterns the snowmakers have been working hard since late October, and people notice.  Locals who would usually be skiing out of sight on the steeps are talking about how awesome the groomers by Lift 8 and on the backside are, how stoked they are just to be on the mountain because Taos Ski Valley now has a state of the art snowmaking system which was purchased with anticipation for years like this. 

A woman with her family who had just driven here from Houston to spend the holiday in Taos was talking about how amazed they were to see so much snow when they arrived, after wondering on the drive up the canyon if they had made the right call to come here.  At the top of the new Gondolita a young child about 7 was joyously telling her parents she just skied Whitefeather for the first time with her Ski School instructor ~ her smile was huge and sense of accomplishment profound!  How awesome it is to be surrounded by this energy, this attitude of gratitude that people have for being here, appreciation for what we have and what it means.  The people who come to Taos Ski Valley to ski and ride have a knack for amplifying the positive and leaving anything else at the wayside. 

Even with the classic steeps like Al’s Run and Snakedance waiting for more snow, the plethora of beginner and intermediate terrain that’s open is keeping everyone stoked, it’s clear that what we love about Taos Ski Valley is happening as it does every Winter ~ cruise down Whitefeather and follow the wafting smell of green chile burgers to the St. Bernard deck, or grab a hot cup of Mayan Cocoa at Black Diamond Espresso and relax by the campfire between runs.  The Village is abuzz with friendly faces and smiling Taoseños, happy that Winter is here and to share this magical, beloved mountain with everyone!