Pack Your Bags

We're Going to Taos Ski Valley!

So you're coming to Taos Ski Valley and you've asked yourself "What do I need to pack?" Whether you'll be skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling there are the obvious, must have garments you'll be sure to put in your bag, but there a few items you might forget at home. So take notes, it's time to get your bags packed for Taos Ski Valley.

Your first consideration should be gear-do you have your own or will you rent? And if you plan to rent will you rent at home or here in Taos Ski Valley? Renting your gear in Taos Ski Valley is a great way to go-you'll travel a lot lighter and there are plenty of excellent winter outfitters with the latest in hight tech skis, boards and boots. Visit Taos Sports, Alpine Xtreme, BootDoctors, Cottam's Ski Shop or Le Ski Mastery for all of your rental and outdoor wear needs. To go with that gear you'll want waterproof outerwear and warm, breathable under layers. A few layers are always a good idea as the New Mexico sun will warm you during the day but the chill will come as soon as the Zia sun sets. More clothes, yes! A beanie, sweaters, a scarf and gloves, wool socks, snow boots and slippers to warm your feet after a day full of runs are all recommended.

To prepare you for the mountain and soothe you afterwards here are a few things you won't want to be without. Sunscreen and sunglasses are a must have when on and off the Taos slopes. A soft canteen for water to keep on you at all times is a great idea in this dry, Alpine environment. Carry lip balm with sunscreen to protect sensitive lip skin from the dryness and sun. Ziploc bags filled with snacks for both on and off the slopes will help maintain your energy lever. And bring a soft back pack to carry all your needs. Wear contacts? Don't forget a few extra pairs. Bring lotion to again care for and protect sensitive skin from the New Mexico dry environment, and finally ibuprofen to soothe sore muscles. Forget something at home? Drop by Bumps Market, they'll help you with your smaller needs and will keep you going on the mountain.

Last but not least, surely you’ll have all of your electronic devices including camera, SD cards, Go Pro and tablet or laptop but it’s always a good idea to print hard copies on paper of all your reservation information (be it hotel/inn, dinners or lessons) and driving directions. You never know when that epic storm will roll in and knock out wireless internet service. So, pack your bags and come join the fun in Taos Ski Valley!