It's a Dog's Life

Discover Pet Friendly Taos Ski Valley

The simple pleasures are always the sweetest. For dog owners, going outside in land-beyond-the-yard with our furry companions is especially delectable. Sharing happy outdoor time with your woofer is as essential for their mental and physical health as it is for yours. Seeing your dog’s whole physical being change when they realize that a walk or hike is in their future shows you all you need to know! Our canine companions do not filter their exuberance – a simple jiggle of a leash or sniff of hiking shoes along with a “Wanna go?” can elicit wide eyes, doggie smiles, exuberant wiggles, and for some, barks and whines of excitement. After a challenging human day, the pure glee witnessed in an outing with your dog is bound to ease your mind as you watch their acute senses absorb the sights and smells.

The village of Taos Ski Valley is very dog-friendly and many of our lodging providers (both on mountain and in the Town of Taos) allow well-behaved canines at their pet-friendly properties. Stroll the Resort Plaza with your pooch and enjoy dining el fresco on the porch of Cafe Naranja, Rhoda’s or Squeezed Juice & Ice Cream Bar.

Our cool summer mountain temperatures and picturesque fall colors make taking a walk, hike, or run with your dog an enjoyable experience for all. Have a swimming dog? Take your buddy down to the stream to cool off their paws in the rushing mountain water!

Join other dog-lovers on the Taos Ski Valley 3rd Annual Mutt Strut on September 4, 2021. The day will be filled with a 5k Dog Fun Run/Walk, dog activities, music, food and fun with proceeds benefiting Stray Hearts Animal Shelter in Taos.

Always remember to keep an eye on the weather – monsoon season can bring early afternoon thunderstorms to Taos Ski Valley. A rain jacket can take over as your best friend for a few minutes if you get caught in a downpour, so remember to pack one! On hot days, bring plenty of water and a snack for your pup and yourself so that you can enjoy a little rest under the canopy of the Carson National Forest. If you‘ve forgotten or need any essential gear, visit Bootdoctors, Cottam’s, or Taos Sports to pick up what you need.

Good trail manners are essential; the Carson National Forest requires that dogs be on-leash while on a public trail and you must supervise your friend while outdoors. Especially in such a beautiful place, it can be tempting to let them off-leash, but for some dogs, the distraction of a bird, chipmunk, mountain biker, or other dog can lead to a chase that results in a lost dog among acres of forest. You need to have control of your dog at all times.
*Kindly remember that dog owners should take adequate dog waste baggies with them and pack any used bags down mountain for disposal.

As the monsoon rains turn to snow on the mountains later in the year, Taos Ski Valley is the perfect place to be for winter-loving woofers and their people. Area resident dogs may be used to snow and ice in their paws, but if your dog is experiencing cold for the first time, use caution. Remember that if it’s too cold for you, it may be too cold for your dog, depending on breed, size, and age. Although some trails are great for snowshoeing in the winter, snow depths can exceed the size of large breed dogs!

All area trails are open to dogs year-round! You will love the natural air-conditioning in our high-alpine village in the summer, the glorious aspen colors in the fall, the sparkling majesty of winter, and the bounty of wildflowers and new tree growth in the spring. Come on up and join our pack!