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Simple And Effective Ways To Stay Warm On Your Camping Trip

If you’re up for a new kind of adventure this year, you may want to go camping in the campgrounds just below the Village of Taos Ski Valley. Whether you’re pitching a tent or staying in an RV, camping in Lower Hondo, Cuchilla del Medio or Cuchilla allows you to appreciate the natural beauty of New Mexico while you sleep under the stars. A majority of Americans continue to enjoy camping as more than 40 million people participated in this outdoor activity last year, with some even going on winter camping trips to avoid huge crowds during the peak camping season. However, the icy temperatures can put you at risk of getting sick this winter. If you’re planning to commune with nature during the cold winter months, there are several things that you can to do to avoid getting sick or experiencing frostbite while you’re sleeping in a tent. Here are a few simple and effective ways to stay warm on your camping trip.

Warm up your sleeping bag
Bringing the right sleeping bag can make a difference to keep warm and prevent heat loss in a tent during the winter. Make sure that your sleeping bag is just the right size. If it’s too big, it can be difficult to warm with your body heat. If it’s too small, you may have to sleep with your feet hanging out, and that’s not a pleasant way to spend the night in your tent. Use a few yoga mats or a closed cell pad and a self-inflating pad to line the ground to make winter camping more comfortable. Warm up your bag with a few hand warmers and stuff your clothes for the next day at the foot of your bag so they’re warm enough to wear in the morning. Doing this also avoids having air pockets between you and the sleeping bag so you get to warm the bag more efficiently with your body heat.

Block the wind
A wind wall can block wind or snow coming from a particular direction, keep your tent warmer, and prevent your fire from blowing out while you’re camping. You can make a wind wall by tying a heavy tarp between two trees. If it’s windy, take care not to camp near any trees that may shed a branch or two to avoid getting injured.

Keep hydrated and eat warming foods
To stay healthy while you’re camping, you’ll need to keep hydrated and consume warming food during your trip. Eating also enables you to have the calories that your body needs to burn so you can stay warm while camping in cold weather. You can make some cowboy coffee to warm you up on cold mornings. Make sure to drink enough water too during your trip. For your meals, opt for rich and warming stews and soups to keep the chill away.

Addition ideas to include:
To stay warm on your next camping trip in or around Taos Ski Valley, consider trying some or all of these tips. Keeping warm while sleeping in a tent or RV can help you stay healthy and make your camping trip more comfortable and enjoyable.Taos Ski Valley offers free RV parking year round in the Resort lots. While there are no hook ups, there are public bathrooms (no showers) in the resort area. Don't forget you can warm up with a hot cup of cocoa at Black Diamond Espresso or gather supplies any last minute food supplies at Bumps Market. Happy Camping!