Everlasting Love

~falling for Taos Ski Valley all over again

Do you remember the first time you clipped into a pair of skis or snowboard? Were you more exhilarated than terrified? Did you know then that sliding downhill would be your greatest and longest love?

I didn’t realize it until I pulled into Taos Ski Valley after a decade-long break from schussing. It hit me at the top of Totemoff, after speeding down Honeysuckle and barely keeping myself from shouting “Yippee ki-yay!” at the top of my lungs. I felt reborn.
It was a holiday weekend. Even then there was nobody in front of or behind me, as is often the case here. Alone on the crest of the slope, I closed my eyes for a second to listen to the rustle of the wind through the evergreens as the sun kissed my cheeks and golden light filtered through my eyelids. It was the start of a 25-year love affair with Taos Ski Valley. This Valentine’s Day, I plan to commemorate my enduring entrancement by once more pausing on Upper Totemoff’s lip. I will give thanks for the countless sunny days and sunny smiles I’ve experienced here where the Southern Rockies both soar tall and stoop low to meet and two-step with the mesas and calderas of the high desert.
It’s a place like no other. Come fall in love for yourself.

By Sanda Pecina