Top Trails for Fall Color

FALL in love with Taos Ski Valley

When daily lows dip into the low 40s to mid-30s, and the smell of piñon-smoke lingers over early mornings, the deciduous aspen stands begin to change color in the high elevations of Taos Ski Valley. First, a hint of yellow, then a fiery mix of yellow, orange, and red leaves quake in the blue...
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It's a Dog's Life

Discover Pet Friendly Taos Ski Valley

The simple pleasures are always the sweetest. For dog owners, going outside in land-beyond-the-yard with our furry companions is especially delectable. Sharing happy outdoor time with your woofer is as essential for their mental and physical health as it is for yours. Seeing your dog’s whole...
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Springtime River Rafting

Catch the Best Water in the Early Season

The Rio Grande, the river that snakes through the bottom of the Rio Grande Gorge, offers thrill seekers the chance to ride the watercourse throughout the spring and summer – and if the snow melt is significant, sometimes into the fall.

It’s easy to be fascinated by the Rio...
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A Ski Season Like No Other

This Season, Mask Up!

Upon approaching NM-150, the road to Taos Ski Valley, a large traffic sign reminds us to wear a mask and practice Covid safe protocols. Welcome to skiing in 2020-21. There are no clusters of skiers and snowboarders waiting for the bus at KTAO because there is no public transportation up to the...
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In the Plaza, You Are Worlds Away!

Spend a Day in Our Village

When all of the snow is long gone and the warm days stretch gloriously until sundown, Taos Ski Valley transforms into a summer adventure paradise. At 9,321 feet, you’ll find the heart of the Valley at the base area of the mountain - The Resort Plaza.

Upon entering Taos Ski Valley,...
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Hike, Virtually

Follow along the Gavilan Trail

Hiking Gavilan Trail is a richly rewarding walk in the woods. Lace-up some sturdy shoes, bring an extra layer of clothes, and plenty of water – you're in for 1,000+ foot elevation gains per mile and stunning views. Gavilan translates to Sparrowhawk (aka...
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Outdoor is Everything This Summer

Don't Hide, Get Outside!

As the aspen leaves emerged and turned bright emerald, Taos Ski Valley businesses were busy implementing Covid-19 safety measures throughout the Village in preparation for reopening. Our lodging, restaurant, and retail members are opening for summer guests...
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Ancient Taos: Petroglyphs

A Prehistoric Art Gallery Awaits

Put on some sun protection, grab yourself a healthy picnic from Tailored Stay, sturdy shoes, plenty of drinking water, and head out to one of many...
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New Mexico vs. Colorado

There's No Comparison

Look, we love our neighbors who are just an hour’s drive to the north. But anyone who’s driven through New Mexico knows firsthand why it’s known as the Land of Enchantment.
We—Taoseños—believe that we won the lottery when it comes to having it all (i.e., location, history, culture,...
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Ski and Snowboard—Without Going Spring Broke

Holiday Modestly in Taos Ski Valley

We know what it’s like – you’ve got a bookmark for the webcam at Taos Ski Valley that you longingly visit, watching as people queue up at the base lift, wishing you were among them. Spring...
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Taos Winter Wine Festival Returns to Taos Ski Valley

Remember to Stop and Smell the Rosé

Each January for over three decades, wine enthusiasts, winemakers, and culinary masters have gathered in Taos Ski Valley for a long weekend in the mountains. Taos Winter Wine Festival is a highly-anticipated event, where everyone has...
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A December to Remember

Taos Shines During the Holidays

If you’ve been in Taos during the holidays you know that it’s a magical, mystical time of year when farolitos flicker, the scent of cedar fires anoints the air, and twinkling lights and other decorations bring smiles to the faces of locals and visitors alike.

There are many...
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Thanksgiving Day Check List

Taos Ski Valley Style

Too busy to think about what you need to bring with you for Taos Ski Valley’s 2019/2020 Opening Day (a.k.a., Thanksgiving Day in other parts of the U.S.)?

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. (That includes offering a slew of  ...
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Harvesting Sangre de Cristo Beauty

Taos Ski Valley in October

We know, we know—the 10th month of the year is in the heart of “Get-back-to-work Season," sandwiched between summer vacations and winter holidays.
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Feeling the Late Summer Heat?

It’s Cooler In Taos Ski Valley—Literally & Figuratively

If you live in the south, you might have seen a meme circulating about your state having 12 seasons instead of four. According to that list, most southern states currently are in/on “Hell’s Front Porch” with “Second Summer” on tap right after “False Fall”.

Forget about “False Fall” and...
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Is Rosé Still the "New Black?"

Wine Tips Plus FREE Activities at Taos Ski Valley’s 2019 Summer Wine Festival

Whether you’re a diehard viticulture fan, or simply like tipping back a nice glass of the fermented grape every so often, you probably know what you like in a wine and tend to stick with it....
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Trail Running: It's What's for Breakfast

Taos Ski Valley's Up & Over 10K + More

What is the intersection of long distance running and high-speed hiking? Trail running. ...
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48 Hours in Taos

Wondering what to do with your stay in Taos?

Here’s 48 hours of culture & fun in this historic mountain town.

Day 1

Start the day with an Artisan Walking Tour of Taos with ...
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Taos Ski Valley in Summer

It's Cooler Up Here

When you can’t take the heat, head for the cooler temperatures of the mountains. During the summer months, Taos Ski Valley hosts a variety of fun-filled events; a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts and art lovers alike. Go for the festivals, stay for the art and recreation.


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Test Your Training at the Taos Ski Valley Up & Over 10k Trail Run


You’ve signed up for a trail race this summer and you are now in search of a training plan to get you in prime condition to perform your best on race day. However, when you search for a training plan, you become overwhelmed with the multitude of options and don’t know where to...
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No Fish Tale—Many Fish Tails!

Taos Ski Valley: An Angler’s Dream

What a difference a year makes! 

At this time last year, the Carson National Forest (in which Taos Ski Valley is nestled) was days away from closing due to a lack of precipitation that created extreme fire danger and reduced...
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Spring Adventures Abound at Taos Ski Valley

Spring Break is here, and it's one of the most exciting times of the year in Taos Ski Valley! The snowpack is deep and the days are getting brighter and warmer. Skiing and snowboarding in the New Mexico sun this time of year is awesome, there is nothing quite like shredding the soft spring snow...
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Fresh Powder, Green Chile & Arroyo Seco Magic

Ski and Stay Cheap

People keep asking me what brought me all the way from South Australia to Taos to go snowboarding and there are so many reasons it is hard to pick just one! Taos is an incredibly unique mountain with a beautiful blend of incredible snow, rich arts and culture and amazing food! I’ve snowboarded in 6...
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Share, Inspire and Create

The Ernie Blake Snowsports School Experience

If you've ever thought about signing up for a ski or snowboard lesson you've taken the first step towards one of the most exciting, life-changing experiences you'll ever decide to embrace. Once you’ve made that call, you're on course to bringing your shredding skills to a whole new level and...
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Culture, Ballooning, Snowshoeing, Snowmobiling & Chile

By Emily Taylor  / Visit USA Parks
I was seeking a different winter vacation; a mix of adventure and culture. With a ski resort towering over the desert, I drove to Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico. The best part of this trip was that I could ski one day, and explore other winter activities...
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Merchants of Taos Ski Valley: Cold Smoke Photography

32 Years of Making Memories for Taos Ski Valley Visitors

He is the maker of memories—good memories—of time spent on the snow at Taos Ski Valley. Since 1986, Alain Pinto has been serving as the ski resort's commercial ski photographer. Over these years, Alain's company,...
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Seeking a European-Style Valentine's Day Stateside?

Choose Taos Ski Valley

From its towering snow-capped peaks to Bavarian-style lodges, where beer steins are served al fresco, visiting Taos Ski Valley feels as though you’ve been transported to the Alps. But this resort town is distinctly New Mexican. It’s home to Native and Hispanic influences visible in the unique décor...
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Merchants of Taos Ski Valley: Andrea Heckman

Andean Software Adventurer!

In a place full of remarkable people who have been here for decades, one of the most notable is Andrea Heckman. Known as the owner of the apparel-and-arts shop Andean Software, a more complete list of her roles includes global trekking guide, filmmaker, author, college professor, fundraiser,...
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The Best Places to Catch a Sunset in Taos Ski Valley & Beyond

Unparalleled Alpenglow

The majesty of Taos Ski Valley—ringed by soaring, white-peaked Sangre de Cristo Mountains (a range in the Southern Rockies)—is undeniable. Adventure awaits around every corner. What you might not know is that during winter, outdoor sports like...
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Tip a Glass at the Taos Winter Wine Festival

Celebrate & Stay at Taos Ski Valley

If you haven’t yet toasted the delights of the fermented grape at Taos Winter Wine Festival events in Taos Ski Valley, you are missing out on the perfect way to top off a day of carving the...
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The Best Winter Hikes in Taos Ski Valley

New Storm Brings Fresh Coat of Powder for Winter Sports Lovers!

One of the allures of skiing or boarding Taos Ski Valley is being surrounded by forests and amazing views in every direction. But it isn't for everyone. There are other wonderful ways to experience the outdoors here. If you wish to find solitude, peace...
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Merchants of Taos Ski Valley: A World Class French Athlete Finds Taos Ski Valley

Alain Veth—Le Ski Mastery

Merchants of Taos Ski Valley: A Series

Alain Veth is not your ordinary ski shop owner.

A veteran of the FIS Alping Ski World Cup race circuit, a  winner of hundreds of ski races stretching from his...
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Skiing "The Change" at Taos Ski Valley—Opening Day 2018/2019

Skies & Trails Were the Sole Blues in Sight

Every year, the first day of ski season is one of the most exciting days for a lot of mountain folks. This year was no different, albeit a great deal whiter than Opening Day last year given that we had a solid snow base for first chair at 9am on Thanksgiving Day. Add to that the sheer joy of riding...
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9 Reasons Why Taos Ski Valley Is a True Outdoor Mecca

Plus a Last-Minute 10th—Fresh Snow for the 2018 Ski Season Opening!

Outdoor enthusiasts don’t have to look far to find adventure in Taos Ski Valley. Boasting some of the best rafting, skiing, climbing, mountain biking, snowshoeing, and...
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A Slice of Europe with New Mexican Flair

Discovering the Melting Pot Culture of Taos Ski Valley

Nestled in the heart of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range, Taos is known for its spectacular desert and mountain landscapes, but it also boasts a rich heritage and vibrant culture, making it a fantastic getaway for art...
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Lucky 13!

Taos Ski Valley’s 2018 Up & Over Trail Run Is a Teenager

There’s nothing unfortunate about the 13th annual “Up & Over” 10K Trail Run (Saturday, Aug. 4, 9 a.m.–12 p.m.) at Taos Ski Valley.
  In fact, we’re calling it “Lucky 13” as some lucky runners who ...
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Fewer Trees = A Win-Win for Fire Safety & Water Conservation

Taos Ski Valley Tree Thinning Underway

Despite the recent reopening of Carson National Forest—thanks to the start of Monsoon Season—the need to reduce fire hazards in Taos Ski Valley while simultaneously building up the valley’s water supply remains.

That is why a group of experts—led...
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Our Mountain Our Weather

Changes in our climate & our outlook

We all know the mountains as a place to go to cool down during the hot summers.  The Sangre de Cristo Mountains are a unique range among the Rocky Mountain states, a narrow band of ridges and 13,000' peaks running north-south from Colorado to Santa Fe.  To the west of the Sangres is a...
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The Three Best Trail to Pub Pairings in Taos

What's better after an invigorating hike in the mountains than refueling with a delicious meal and cold beer or margarita?  We've paired some of our favorite hikes and mountain bike rides with an excellent nearby pub that make for a stellar day in the Taos mountains.


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Taos Ski the Summer!

When you can’t take the heat, head for the hills. During the summer months, Taos Ski Valley hosts a variety of fun-filled events; a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts and art lovers alike. Go for the...
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Taos Valley, Alpine Culture, And Your Wellness

Just like every climate on earth, the historically tough nature of Taos Valley and its surrounds generated a particular and special culture. From the 13th and 14th century, Native Americans settled in the...
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Happy Camping

Simple And Effective Ways To Stay Warm On Your Camping Trip

If you’re up for a new kind of adventure this year, you may want to go camping in the campgrounds just below the Village of Taos Ski Valley. Whether you’re pitching a tent or staying in an RV...
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Yes, You Can Bring Fido to Taos Ski Valley!

When many of us hit the road for a holiday we just don't want to leave our beloved, four-legged family member behind. There are many inns and hotels in the beautiful Taos area that accept pets so you can bring Fido along. Following is a list of our Taos and Taos Ski Valley hotels that will...
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Taos Ski Valley - More Than a Ski Town

The Village of Taos Ski Valley is more than a ski town, tucked away in a valley surrounded by high alpine peaks, mountain adventure awaits!  What began as a rugged mining camp in the 1890...
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First-ever Ski Guide to New Mexico

~Taos Ski Valley has its place among some great resorts

Local author and journalist Daniel Gibson has recently released the first-ever comprehensive look at New Mexico’s ski scene. The book, published by the University of New Mexico Press, is titled Skiing New Mexico: A Guide to Snow Sports in the Land of Enchantment. The softbound full color book spans...
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Pack Your Bags

We're Going to Taos Ski Valley!

So you're coming to Taos Ski Valley and you've asked yourself "What do I need to pack?" Whether you'll be skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling there are the obvious, must have garments you'll be sure to put in your bag, but there a few items you might forget at home. So take notes, it's time to...

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Learning to Ski in Taos

You don't have to be an expert to ski Taos

I grew up in Texas.  My family visited the mountains in summer, but never in winter.  The most snow I ever saw was about a quarter inch accumulation until I was living in Santa Fe in my early 20’s.  I tried to learn to ski around that time, but I had bad experiences.  I never...
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The Wilderness is Calling

"There are no words that can tell the hidden spirit of the wilderness, that can reveal its mystery, its melancholy, and its charm". – U.S. President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, Jr.

Teddy Roosevelt wasn’t the only U.S. President with a fondness for the slopes; President Gerald Ford spent many a vacation sliding downhill on skis and even owned a chalet in Colorado. This Presidents’ Day Weekend (Feb. 17–19), continue their outdoor legacies by taking in the mystery of the Sangre...
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The Call of the Mountains ~ From First Chair to New Friendships

~the connection

What was it that first sparked your attraction to skiing? For many of us it was the same thing ~ the desire to be outside, in the mountains, surrounded by nature. Breathing the clean, crisp air early in the morning as the lifts start spinning, watching the sun rise above the ridge to the east. We...
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Everlasting Love

~falling for Taos Ski Valley all over again

Do you remember the first time you clipped into a pair of skis or snowboard? Were you more exhilarated than terrified? Did you know then that sliding downhill would be your greatest and longest love?

I didn’t realize it until I pulled into ...
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Stay Over in Taos Ski Valley Après Wine Tasting

Wine Fest Kicks Off Feb. 2nd in Taos Ski Valley

Good news for lovers of the crushed and fermented grape!

Taos Ski Valley lodges and The Blake  still have rooms available during this week’s 2018 Taos Winter Wine Festival’s slopeside...
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Taos Ski Valley - Attitude of Gratitude

Taos Has Plenty of Snow!

In a ski town we often hear the words “epic conditions” in conversations on the chairlift, in the lodges and during aprés as the day winds down.  It’s no secret that 2017-18 has been a dry Winter in New Mexico, yet the attitude at Taos has been of gratitude in the great SNOW we do have. When...
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