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Both the experienced angler and the novice will find success in the rivers and streams surrounding Taos Ski Valley. Fishing the Rio Hondo that winds along NM150 into Taos Ski Valley will net you native cutthroat, brown and rainbow trout. Hire a local guide from the outfitters below or head out on your own for mountain lakes and streams a hour's drive from Taos Ski Valley, such as the Chama River, Red River, Eagle Nest Lake or the Cimarron River. We welcome your (true) stories.

6/19/2017: Current stream and river conditions.

Rio Hondo– Run-off has peaked and starting to drop. Look for fishing to start getting better each day. Try various nymphs size 10 to 16 fished deep. Currently at 145 cfs.

Red River- Same as Rio Hondo. Currently at 220 cfs.

Rio Grande del Rancho- Run-off is almost over and fishing this week should really start picking up using nymphs of all types and San Juan worms. Currently at 39 cfs.

Rio del Pueblo (near Sipapu)- Run-off has peaked and the river is dropping fast. This week should be good but still a little high. Next week should be perfect. Currently at 77 cfs.

Rio Grande Gorge – Still blown out! It’s going to be a while longer. Currently at 1,430 cfs.

Cimarron River – Not much water above Clear Creek so fishing has been a little tough but below Clear Creek fishing has been good using stimulators, ginger duns and stonefly and hare’s ear nymphs. Currently at 18 cfs.

Culebra Creek- The creek is running 60 cfs out of Sanchez Reservoir, 100cfs down low, a little murky but definitely fishable using San Juan worms, crane fly larva, golden stone nymphs and pmd nymphs for 15 to 20 plus bows and browns.

Conejos River- The river is dropping but still high. Difficult wading and fishing but some stone flies starting to show up. Should be perfect in two weeks.


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