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Taos Ski Valley is well known for its many hiking trails on forest service land. The area is covered with Aspen, Englemann and Blue Spruce, Western White Fir and rarely seen Red Fir, and Bristlecone Pine. Taos County is home to herds of Bighorn Sheep, Rocky Mountain Elk, and Mule Deer, and is covered with thousands of varieties of wildflowers, plants and other animal life.

Access Permits are also available to hike the private wilderness of Northside which offers 1,300 more acres within the village of TSV to explore. The highest point is 12,163 ft. Frazer Mountain. Access permits and trail maps for Northside are on sale at the Taos Ski Valley Chamber Visitor Center, Alpine Village Suites, Mine Slide,& Columbine Inn. For more information, visit: www.RideNorthside.com or call (575) 776-3233

Precautions: Beware of lightning on the ridges. Since you will probably be the highest point around, get off the ridge if thunderclouds are overhead. Leave early in the morning in order to avoid the early afternoon thunder shower. Be sure to take proper clothing. Temperatures can drop suddenly. Wet clothing can chill the body quickly. Wool is best for heat even when wet; cotton next to the skin will keep the body damp and will actually wick heat away. Dress in layers which can be added or removed as temperature changes.

**Please be mindful of overflow parking at the William's Lake trailhead, parking must allow cars to pass and not block the thoroughfare.


Name of Trail
one way
Hiking Trail Horse Trail Cross Country Ski Trail Snowshoeing Wilderness Area
Degree of Difficulty
Gavilan Trail 3.3miles X

X Expert
Italianos Canyon Trail 59 3.7 miles  X X
X X Expert
Long Canyon/Bull-Of-The-Woods 3 miles X X X X X Expert
Manzanita Canyon Trail 58 4.2 miles X X
Wheeler Peak Trail 90 8 miles X X X X X Expert
Williams Lake Trail 62 2 miles X X X X X Novice/Intermediate
Yerba Canyon Trail 61 3.9 miles

X Expert