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Carson National Forest Plan Revision


Welcome to Carson’s forest plan revision page, we are glad you are interested in the Carson National Forest Plan Revision Process. Under the new 2012 planning rule, we will be engaging the diverse set of stakeholders and community members who have an interest in, or who are affected by, the management of the Carson National Forest beginning in 2014.  Introduction to Forest Plan Revision.

The forest plan revision process is grounded in science and public input, and seeks to deliver stronger protections for vegetation, water, and wildlife, while supporting the economic vitality of our surrounding communities. It will provide opportunities for public involvement and collaboration throughout all stages of the planning process, as well as opportunities for Tribal consultation, and coordination with state and local governments and other federal agencies. 

The revision process involves three phases: assessment of forest resource conditions and trends; development of a revised plan; and monitoring the implementation and effectiveness of plan direction. Each phase will include opportunities for public participation and collaboration.

The Carson National Forest has officially begun the assessment phase of its plan revision process. This phase lasts one year and will rapidly evaluate existing information about relevant ecological, economic, cultural, and social conditions, trends, and sustainability as they relate to the current forest plan, and the broader contextual landscape.

Tentative Plan Revision Schedule

  • Feb 27, 2014 – Notice of Initiating the Assessment Phase of the forest plan revision published in the Federal Register

  • Winter 2014- Availability of the draft Assessment Report for Public Review
  • Spring 2015 - Notice of Intent to Begin Plan Revision and to Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
  • Winter/Spring 2017 - Notice of Availability of Proposed Plan and Draft EIS
  • Winter/Spring 2017- Notice of Objection Period Prior to Approval of the Preferred Alternative and Final EIS
  • Fall 2017- Notice of Plan Approval and Final EIS


We Would Like to Hear From You!

As part of the Assessment process, the forest will engage the public beginning in June of 2014, in a series of community meetings.  The first step in the Plan Revision process is to assess current ecological, social, and economic conditions and trends on the forest.  The forest will provide introductory information about Forest Plan Revision and the assessment.  The public will have the opportunity to contribute technical and local knowledge to help describe current forest conditions and future trends.

Community Meeting Schedule

Can't make the meetings?  Give us your input online.

Contact us:
Phone:  (575) 758-6221

Important Note:  Names and physical and e-mail addresses submitted on this website, or in response to any request for comments, will be included in the record for forest plan revision and may be released to the public if requested under the Freedom of Information Act.