Sierra Del Sol Condominiums

2015 Redevelopment Updates

Updated 11-2-15
  • The Resort Center Remodel
    The elevator overhaul will not begin until Tuesday, 11/3.  The scheduled downtime is still 3 weeks.  Jaynes Corp will be spraying a fire retardant material at the hotel site this Monday, 11/1.  This material has a very foul odor but we have been assured it is non-toxic.  The odor will linger for some time.
  • The Resort Center remodel of the moat and bat cave area (the lowest two levels of the Resort Center) has been completed.  This remodel added space to the accounting office, Lost and Found, Ski Patrol Office, Ski Storage, IT office and storage for F & B Operations.  The new occupants are presently moving in to their new digs. The project to remove and reconfigure the stairs leading from the moat area in front of Accounting to the TFK deck is tentatively scheduled to start next Monday.  The dead space behind the stairway will become a storage area for Base Area Maintenance.  More details will become available as the schedule is confirmed.
  • Concrete pours 
    Pours continue at the hotel site on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  And Brian Cruz has added that pouring will continue into the Winter.  Parking in front of the TFK and Rhoda’s decks will be limited.  Be prepared for slow traffic up the canyon as concrete trucks will be in transit as early at 6:00 AM on pour days.
  • Strawberry Hill
    The Geothermal well drilling has ceased and all well drilling equipment has been removed from the site.  As all 40 wells were not drilled, the operation will return next Spring for completion.  This area is presently being regraded and prepared for snowmaking.  The rock crusher will be removed this weekend and that area prepared as well.
  • Thunderbird Road
    The modular office containers housing Ski School operations and ticket sales are in the process of being finished out and should be ready for occupancy within the next couple of weeks.  The awnings over the tickets windows are being installed and the area immediately in front of the buildings will have asphalt laid within the next couple of days.   Thunderbird road has been paved.
  • The Pedestrian Bridge 
    leading from Thunderbird Road to the area between the Resort Center and the new Hotel will be reconnected on/about Nov 15th.  It will be available for use on Opening Day.
  • Sutton Place
    Access to the St Bernard, Snakedance, Edelweiss and Bumps will be via Sutton Place on a LIMITED basis beginning on Thanksgiving.  Jaynes Corp will have a guard at the intersection of Armadillo and Sutton Place to control access and radio each lodge when guests arrive. TSV Inc will have Parking guys across from the old Guard shack to direct traffic.
Parking Lot Updates 
  • Armadillo Parking Lot addition project will be paved next week.  When completed in November, this area will accommodate almost 80 additional parking spaces for Guests.
  • Jaynes will keep the existing lay down areas in Bear parking. Areas around the old Guard Shack/Alpine Village will be preferred paid parking. Shuttles will take visitors to the shuttle turn-around then back down Coyote.
  • Parking in lower Bear & Bison lots 
    There will be no shuttle service on the lower half of Bear and Bison lots. Bison might become valet parking for the Alpine Village, St Bernard and Snakedance. The far end of Deer Lot (Ocean Blvd) will be used for the contractor shuttles.
  • Access to the Resort Center via the road on Strawberry Hill will end on 11/1.  Access via the road to the East of the Resort Center will end on 11/13.  This is due to snowmaking operations.
  • All materials stored on Armadillo Lot will be removed by 11/15.  The barricades by the Children’s Center will be moved East to just beyond the road leading to the Pit House and remain there until Thanksgiving.  The construction debris on Deer level parking will be removed and the road completely clear by 11/23.
  • The Highway 150 Trench is being dug along the North side of the highway – from Armadillo road below lift 3 to Taos East.  There are three different contractors involved, each responsible for a section of the project.  Demobilization of the work site and materials on Gila and Eagle lots will commence on 11/13 with the project shutting down for good this season on 11/20.  Until this time there will be at least 2 different lane closings beginning at approximately 7:00 AM through 5:00 PM.  Please plan for delays.
Updated Oct.8
  • Road Work up 150 starts Sept.29 with three sets of crews 7am-7pm through November 20 with delays and commute time longer than normal.
  • Sprung structure 95% complete with the interior build out in progress.
  • Paving of Bear parking lot/Thunderbird Road by the Info Booth completed.
  • Installation of new geo-thermal well field at Strawberry in progres
  • Installation of pre-cast concrete panels completed.
  • Structural steel installation in progress.
  • Concrete deck installation to begin next week.
  • Resort Center remodel in progress.
  • Poured-in-place concrete structure in progress.
  • Armadillo Lot Expansion-Tree Removal-A level Parking continues to be closed up to Firehouse Road. Trees are being removed in the Armadillo lot area, parking will be detoured to Thunderbird Road and/or Firehouse Road. Ample parking can be found at Hiker Parking near Twining Road and Thunderbird Road.

    Summer updates
  • Clearing and preparation on Thunderbird Road “Sprung Structure” site with new structure arriving end of July and completion this Fall. Come take a look!
  • End of Thuderbird-Resort Center-Siberia Sewer Work + New Fence
    End of Siberia Road (near Sierra Del Sol) will have a fence that will be erected so a manhole can be installed where the excavator is located in the photo here.  This will be the end of the Siberia sewer line work for this year. Note that the entrance to the locker rooms and trash drop will be blocked by this fence.

  • Arrival and installation of hotel pre-cast concrete panels will begin the last week in July and complete in September.
  • Digging and pouring of the footings for the new hotel will happen in July & August with this work completed at this time.
  • Sutton Place culvert replacement begins late August or early September (pending receipt USFS and ACE permits).
  • Utility work for electrical power, natural gas/fiber optics trench up Hwy 150 will start late Summer and will continue in sections this Fall and next Summer.
  • Hotel storm water pollution prevention plan is in place to properly control construction zone runoff.
  • Demolition of existing Pagoda buildings has been completed, and excavating new building/hotel footprint completed.
  • Digging of hotel elevator pits completed.
  • Shoring against Snakedance Condos completed.
  • Sutton Place closed to vehicles until November 24/ Pedestrian access and signage up end of May-November.
  • Village of Taos Ski Valley Updates

TSV Inc./ Taos Ski Valley Resort Updates 

TSV Inc. Initial 2012 Announcement about Planning and Redevlopment


On August 23, 2012, the Forest Service authorized Taos Ski Valley to develop 2 new chairlifts, 2 new gladed runs, a snowtubing area, mtn biking & snowshoeing trails, & a new drop-off at the base area, as well as, replace 3 chairlifts & reconfigure several parking lots within its current special use permit boundary. A Notice of Availability for the draft EIS was published in the Federal Register on January 13, 2012. See below for documents prepared to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

Click below on the buttons to view the full redevelopment plans for Taos Ski Valley.






The Village of Taos Ski Valley 2012 Master Plan


The original Village of Taos Ski Valley Master Plan (Master Plan) was developed during a community wide charette held from February 16 through February 22,2006 at the Village of Taos Ski Valley. The Master Plan was developed in response to increasing development pressure in the Kachina Basin and the Village Core areas of Taso Ski Valley. Since that time the Master Plan was revised and adopted by the Village of Taos Ski Valley in November of 2010. Please view the 2012 revised Master Plan below.




Taos Regional Airport Redevelopment Plans

Planning and politics continue to mix as the controversial Taos Regional Airport continues the up hill, long runway battle to evolve. More up to date information can be found here:
Taos News June 12, 2015
Taos News June 9, 2015
Taos News June 8, 2015

Initial Taos Regional Airport 2012 Memorandum